Trawl length and tension meter system Trawltec 2000

System for length and tension meter for trawlers Trawltec 2000 (HBG, Iceland). Precise information about trawl tension and warp length is essential in maximizing the opening of the trawl, and is especially important when turning the vessel in cross currents. All information is displayed graphically by the software.

Control of failures in trawl work which may be caused by cable damages or damages of other important parts leading to work stop. Life time increasing of armament (wires, wire units, trawls), decreasing of loss of time for repair and increasing the amount of fishing days.

During a simultaneous work of two trawls the general tension on three wires is measured automatically; this allows to regulate the tension on a central wire.

Technical specifications:

Parameters, function Values
Measuring units:  
Range of tension measuring from 0 to 15 tons
Maximum tension 90 tons
A speed of length measuring 5 m/seconds
Power supply of length sensors 15 V DC
Power supply of tension sensors 5 V DC
A distance between sensor's heads and plate of winch barrel 2-8 mm
Range of working temperatures from -10 to +40°С
A way of connection RS-485, sequential
Resolving capacity on monitor < 1 kg of tension
Range of working temperatures from -10 to +40°С
Power supply nominal tension (18-24) V DC
Power supply consumed capacity 0,2 А
Operational system Microsoft ® Windows ™
Requirements to the computer РС386, fixed disk 20 MB, RAM 4 MB

A scope of delivery:

The system consists of four main modules:

  • Measuring unit
    Sensors for tension and length are set up in a special blocks. Three robust blocks come in three main sizes, and can be used either as a main or a middle block, depending on the size of the vessel.
  • Microcomputer
    Converts analogue sensor signals to digital form. After computing, signals are sent to the PC for display.
  • Computer
    Used to display information and configurations, and perform minor calculations. Up to three monitors can be connected to the computer.
  • Software
    All operations are executed schematically, with point and click mouse operation. If the user has some difficulties in his location, clear and concise help is instantly available by clicking the «Help» button.

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