Gyrocompas Simrad GC-80

Simrad GC- 80

Portative gyrocompass GC-80 (SIMRAD, Norway) is designed for better managing of the vessel of any type which rate of movement does not exceed 30 knots. Supplies with he following data: course regarding geographic meridian.

Corresponds to the demands of IMO A424(XI), A694(17), IEC:60945,61162, ISO: 8728(1997).

Certificates about type approval N15.01012.315 «Compass, type GC-80/GC-85» of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Valid until: 12.11.2018.




Technical specifications:

Parameters, function Values
Settle point error, degree < 0,1 x sec of width
Static error, degree < 0,1 x sec of width
Dynamic error, degree < 0,4 x sec of width
Error from start to start, degree < 0,1 x sec of width
Speed of backtrace > 75 degree/second
Time of readiness, min < 180
Width data NMEA 0183 (RS232 or RS422) from GPS
Speed data Impulse or relay contact
200, 400 impulses per mile from lag
NMEA 0183 (RS232 or RS422) from lag
NMEA 0183 (RS232 or RS422) from GPS
Digital 10 outputs RS422/485
Step 4 outputs (24V DC), 6 step for degree
Net power supply 110/220 V AC
Emergency power supply 24 V DC
Maximum current of consumption 1,4 А
Dimension sizes of set up unit 438 х 340 х 340 mm
Weight of set up unit 23 kg
Dimension sizes of control panel unit 495 х 364 х 182 mm
Weight of control panel unit 14 kg

A scope of delivery:

  • Set up unit with sensitive element;
  • Portative control panel unit.

Type and amount of repeaters are defined during order.

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