Length indicator of wires Simbia IDW

Индикатор длины ваеров Симбия ИДВ
  • Is designed for length and traffic route detection of wires of wired winch on fishing vessels of stern trawling.
  • Device can also be used for control of length and movement direction of any metal and non-metal ropes, cables, wires etc. friction-connected with turning insulators.

Technical specifications:

Parameters, function Values
The amount of simultaneously controlled wires (ropes) 2
Length indication of wires digital 4-discharged
Ranges of length indication 0 – 999,9 or 1000 – 9999 m
The unit of low-order position 0,1 or 1,0 m
Length definition error 0,2% from measured length
Audio and light signalling 49 m and a limit length during output
40 m and a limit length during access
During reaching fitted denotation
Data output by outward supplier NMEA-0183
Admissible speed of wires movement from 0 to 4 m/sec
The time of non-stop work 24 hours
The time of work from built accumulator 1 hour
Power supply 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz, 10 VA
Indicator unit 1,0 kg
Repeater unit 1,0 kg
Sensor unit with a cable 2,0 kg
Magnet unit 0,2 kg

A scope of delivery:

  • Indicator's unit IDW
  • Unit of sensors with cable 4 m
  • Magnet unit
  • A set of mounting and spare parts
  • Passport
  • Repeater unit IDW-R (option)

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