Sonic (Japan) production

Sonic (Япония)

After the end of the Second World War in 1948, was established Kaijo Denki Corporation, to shift the ultrasonic technologies, which were previously used in military applications, to peace-time industries and to apply to fish finders, etc.

After being the first company to produce and sell fish finders and sonic depth finders in Japan, our company, now renamed as Sonic Corporation, has meteorological devices, oceanographic devices, fishery devices, and industrial devices as our four pillars and is known as an ultrasonic measurement equipment manufacturer, exporting to overseas as well as selling domestically.

Модель Тип продукции
High and Medium frequency sonars Sonic KCS - 3000/3500 Sonars
Fish Sizing Echo Sounder Sonic KSE-300 Fish sounders

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Модель Тип продукции
High frequency sonar Sonic KCS-3885Z Sonars
Low frequency sonar Sonic KCS-3221Z Sonars

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