Fish Sizing Echo Sounder Sonic KSE-300

Sonic KSE-300

Echo sounders are designed to transmit sonic waves from a transducer and receive the echo reflected from fish or the bottom of the sea. On previous echo sounders, images were adjusted by the TVG volume and gain volume, so that the reflected echo could easily be seen on the echo sounder picture.

This Fish Sizing Echo Sounder needs no TVG volume adjustment, and it automatically and accurately corrects the sonic wave attenuation under the sea. Fish schools of the same density are displayed in the same color regardless of the depth.

  • Detection of a single fish with high accuracy.
  • Zoom function with biomass information.
  • Controller designed for this system.
  • Data recording function installed as the standard feature (row data).
  • High precision digital TVG.
  • Function to determine the sea bottom level.
  • Fast and easy operation.
  • Improved bottom detection functionality.
  • Menu system in multiple languages.

Technical specifications

Parameters, function Values
Display LCD Display 1280x1024(SXGA)
Operation Operated by RC-21 Controller (Power, Range, Gain, Shift, and User keys)
Pulse width 0.3/0.6/1.2/2.4ms
Output level 0 - 10 (10 steps)
Tx cycle Ranging time multipled by 2 - 5 times or synchronized by an external unit
Minimum Tx cycle 133(ms) Depending on contents of the processing
TVG Processing 20logR(SV), 40logR(TS), Flat, CONV (Traditional way)
TVG Volume 0.0 - 10.0 Operative when CONV Mode
Display Functions:  
Normal screen Normal fish finder screen
Enlarged dual screen Enlarged screen of normal screen or dual screen of bottom fixed of normal screen
A-scope screen A scope corresponding to normal screen and enlarged dual screen
Depth display Display for bottom value of each fish finder
Navigation display Display for longitude/latitude, vessel speed, and water temperatures
Net depth display Display for water depth value of fish finder screen (Max. 4 units)
Water temp. display Water temp. of ship bottom etc…, displayed by water temp. from external device.
Fish size graph Display for fish-size graph of selected area (Only when connecting with a split beam)
Trace display Display for a trace graph of selected area (Only when connecting with a split beam)
Number of screen display Max. 5 displays (4 frequencies + frequency difference)
Scale Meter, Fathom, Feet, Hiro
Range 10 - 5000 (Meter Scale)
Original range Arbitrary range value settings *10(scale) steps
Automatic bottom track Auto range mode, auto shift mode
Shift Variable within less than max. range in 1/5 steps
Display color 16/64 colors
Color pattern 8 types
White, black, ground color omission, OFF 8 типов
Marker minute, time, distance
Screen feed speed 3, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/3 times
Screen feed direction Normal (left direction), Invert (right direction)
Interference elimination 4 types (weak, medium, strong, interpolation)
Discrimination Horizontal and Vertical discrimination 1 - 20
Bottom level Color display (16 or 64 steps)
Recording function:  
Display JPEG format, Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Raw data recording Sonic format, compatible with KFC-3000
External interface
Synchronized input/output (TTL plus/minus), Navigation information input/output (Corresponding to NMEA0183), Net depth (Sonic net finder or keying input)
Language Japanese, English
Power supply:  
PRC-59 Processor AC100V - AC220V±15% 60VA
SR-87 Tx/Rx AC100V - AC220V(Switch) ±15% 200VA
Operational temp:  
I-133 Display -5 - 45°
RC-21 remote controller -5 - 45°
PRC-59 Processor -5 - 45°
SR-87 Tx/Rx -5 - 55°

A scope of delivery

  • I-133 Display
  • RC-21 remote controller
  • PRC-59 Processor unit
  • SR-87 Transceiver
  • Transducer
  • A set of mounting tools

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