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Simbia Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in 1990 by specialists who by that time had more that 25 year of experience in development, production and serial issue of searching and fishing hydro acoustic equipment.

Developing new spheres of activity, «Simbia», as before, remains the main developer, producer and deliverer of trawl sounders, trawl catch sensors, cable winches and other equipment for trawl catch on the territory of Russia and Baltic states.

Company products

«Simbia» much and fruitfully collaborates with famous abroad companies, making joints work–shops aiming to integrate Russian and foreign technique in sphere of marine electronics. Our production and production of our partners is submitted in the following sections:

SONIC   SONIC Corporation (Japan)
Sounders, sonar.
Furuno   Furuno Electric Co Ltd. (Japan)
Radars and radios.
Jmc   Japan Marina Co Ltd. (Japan)
GPS plotters, Navtexes, Navigational echosounders, Fish-finding equipment.
Samyung   Samyung Enc Co Ltd. (Korea)
GPS receivers, plotters , Fish-finding equipment, GMDSS.
Cobham Sailor   Cobham (Denmark)
Radios and satellite systems.
Maxar   Maxar (USA)
Fisheries Information service SeaStar, sattelite track system.
iXblue (France)   iXblue (France)
3D sonars SEAPIX
Navico (Норвегия) Simrad pro series logo   Navico (Norway)
Navigation and fishing equipment
HBG (Iceland)   HBG Service (Iceland)
The company manufactures 2 different kinds of length and tension monitoring systems for the fishing industry.
Olex charting  (Norway)   Olex (Norway)
Olex marine charting and navigation production. The Olex 3D Chart system provides a unique combination of navigation, fishery plotting and seafloor mapping.

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