VHF Automatic Direction Finder JMC DF-5500

JMC DF-5500

VHF Automatic Direction Finder Model DF-5500. Graphic and digital indication of bearing, reflection ref. course denotation up to the end. Indication of modulation mode of receiving signal. АМ - amplitude modulation; FM - frequency modulation. Course indication. It's possible to show a true course in case of connecting to GPS. Indicator ref. bearing - RELATIVE; and true course - TRUE.

Indicators of signal attenuation of received frequency, of received channel. Automatic regulation of strengthening level, built signal attenuator. User-programmable channels. 48 user-programmable channels can be arranged in band from 118-174 MHz in a mode of frequency or amplitude modulation.


VHF Automatic Direction Finder JMC DF-5500

Parameters, function Values
Working modes:
- bearing mode
- receiver mode
bearing till received signal
receiving of VHF radio signal
Bearing indications graphical and digital
Accuracy 1 degree (digital)
5 degrees (graphical)
Sensitivity 1 mV/m and less
Correction of bearing automatic, after making corrections
Receiver range 118 - 174 MHz
Sensitivity less than 5 mV/m
Frequency type of received channel SHIP (from vessel to shore, it means - for transmission)
COAST (from shore to vessel, it means - for receiving)
F (weather channels)
USER (user channels)
АМ (channel for SOS signal)
Channel type of connection INTERNATIONAL (International channels)
CANADA (Canadian radio-telephone channels)
USA (Marine U.S. channels)
Transducer 8 elements of coupling and 1 sensor
Outward porting (Input) NMEA 0183 version 2 (data about true course from GPS)
Outward porting (Output) NMEA 0183 version 2 (data about bearing)
Display 5,5 inches, TFT color LCD, 320 х 240 pix
Screen background colors black, cyan, blue (selectable)
Information display colors color, black-white (selectable)
Voltage 20 - 28 V DC
Leakage current not less than 6 А
Working temperature from -10 to +55°С

A scope of delivery:

  • Course and bearing indicator-receiver;
  • Transducer (a set of elements);
  • A set of mounting tools;
  • Manual for installation, mounting and usage.

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