VHF radio stations JMC RT-2500

JMC RT-2500

VHF radio station RT-2500 (JMC, Japan) has 55 international marine channels which number is dialed directly from the panel.

There is a mode of emergency help call with data transmitting about the vessel during additionally data connection from GPS. DSC of D class does not retranslate a received message about accident in automatic mode.

Radio station is remarkable for high reliability, multifunction, quality performance. Is recommended to use for work and emergency radio connection on any marine movable objects.

Has certificate from RMRS.

Technical specifications

Parameters, function Values
Range of frequencies on transmitting 156.050 - 157.425 MHz
Range of frequencies on receive 160.050 - 162.025 MHz
Capacity 1 W or 25 W
Consumed capacity 13,6 V
5,6 А (during transmitting)
0,7 А (during receive)
0,2 А (during wait)
Working temperature From -15 to +55°С
Storage temperature From -30 to +60°С
Cabinet size 63 х 159 х 183 mm
Weight 1,1 kg

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