Fish Sizing Echo Sounder Sonic KSE-310

Sonic KSE-300

Echo sounders are designed to transmit sonic waves from a transducer and receive the echo reflected from fish or the bottom of the sea. On previous echo sounders, images were adjusted by the TVG volume and gain volume, so that the reflected echo could easily be seen on the echo sounder picture.

This Fish Sizing Echo Sounder needs no TVG volume adjustment, and it automatically and accurately corrects the sonic wave attenuation under the sea. Fish schools of the same density are displayed in the same color regardless of the depth.

  • Detection of a single fish with high accuracy.
  • Zoom function with biomass information.
  • Controller designed for this system.
  • Data recording function installed as the standard feature (row data).
  • High precision digital TVG.
  • Function to determine the sea bottom level.
  • Fast and easy operation.
  • Improved bottom detection functionality.
  • Menu system in multiple languages.

Operating frequencies

Split beam: 38 kHz (3 kW), 70 kHz (3 kW), 120 kHz (1,5 kW);

Single beam: 15 kHz (2 kW), 24 kHz (2 kW), 50 kHz (2 kW), 75 kHz (2 kW), 200 kHz (2 kW).


Sonic Kaijo Denki KSE-310 Split Beam Echosounder receives in 15 separate overlapping beams from Split Beam Transducer with 144 elements. This in practice relults in giving the user the most accurate indication of the fish size and biomass. KSE-310 are often sold with the powerful 38KHz split-beam transducer providing long range without sacrificing too much on separating capability. Lately more and more delivered as systems with 2 split beam frequencies combining 38, 70 and 120 kHz slit beam transducers. 

• Fisheries Version of Japanese marine research echosounder, using patented method for accurate calculations of fish size and biomass

• Now also with calibrating possibillity with calibrating ball for use for recording data for Research Instutes. 

• Fish size or biomass easily choosen from optional area on the screen, from desired layer, height above the bottom or the entire screen.

• Fish size or biomass are presented in 1, 2 or 3 different fish size windows.

• Frequency Difference method compares 2 frequencies, the data are calculated and resulting fish shoals appear in a separate window.

• The transducer has 144 elements and 15 beams, which will constitute the best indication of the fish size and very high resolution image. 

• Can view haddock close to the bottom due to superb resolution and separating capability 

• Excellent drawing the bottom with presentation of bottom hardness. 

• Output for presentation of bottom conditions on OLEX plotter with HT module.

• Recordings with long time sequences with the desired number of pings pr. image can easily be fast-replayed for presentation of hours / days of events.

• Recordings are saved as JPG files on USB stick or USB hard drive and can be easily shared with other boats or office

• Recording of RAW files are easy too, all information is recorded and when playback Gain, filtering ond other settings are adjustable

• Up to 5 presentations at the same time, 4 different frequencies + echoes calculated by Frequency Difference Method.

• Split Beam frequencies 38, 70 and 120 kHz, Single Beam frequencies 15, 24, 50, 75 and 200kHz, can present 3 split beam frequencies simultaneously

• Easy access to all functions with original remote controller with hot keys and programmable buttons, plus wireless trackball.

• Very simple to use, easily accessible adjustments and menus with large, easy to read graphics

• Very robust transducers and high reliability in general.

• Stable processing unit in steel cabinet without hard drive and moving parts.

• Optional screen any size and 2 seperate screen outputs where windows can be dragged from one screen to the other.

Please see much more details in our Brochure KSE-310 Eng.



15/200 kHz


120 kHz


120 kHz


38 kHz


38 kHz



120 kHz


38 kHz


120 kHz




Also you could see the video with the records of the actual echograms:

Video of echograms 1

Video of echograms 2


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