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Simbia Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in 1990 by specialists who by that time had more that 25 year of experience in development, production and serial issue of searching and fishing hydro acoustic equipment.

Developing new spheres of activity, «Simbia», as before, remains the main developer, producer and deliverer of trawl sounders, trawl catch sensors, cable winches and other equipment for trawl catch on the territory of Russia and Baltic states.

Company production is constantly renewed and perfected due to borrowing of world progress, new technologies, implementing of modern materials and increasing of labor quality.

The second main company activity is vessel equipping of fishing, transport and passenger fleet with modern electronic technique of fish–searching, radio-navigational and radio-connection purpose.

During delivery of equipment company fully supports the Buyer at all stages of maintenance of purchased equipment–during installation, start–up works, presenting to Register of RF or other check-out, in warranty and post warranty periods.

Delivered equipment is guaranteed to be installed at the vessels, start–up works, presenting to Register, warranty and service maintenance. Works are done considering individual requirements in any port of the world at the customer's option.

For quality and operative service of produced and delivered equipment agreement are concluded with our partners in Saint–Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, Petropavlovsk–Kamchatski, Vladivostok, Astrakhan, Novorossisk.

Foreign–economic activity is a part of business company activity. «Simbia» much and fruitfully collaborates with famous abroad companies, making joints work–shops aiming to integrate Russian and foreign technique in sphere of marine electronics.

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Company specialists constantly perfects their qualification, attending trainings and getting certification at companies of world producers of vessel electronic technique.

Simbia Engineering Co. Ltd. is eager to expand its activity both at home and international markets, seeks for new partners in Russia and abroad, our course–a constant renewal.

We are glad to invite you to realize your and our possibilities for accomplishing joint project.

Yours faithfully, «Simbia Engineering Co. Ltd.»

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