Cable winch SWL-4

  • Automatical droppinig and hauling of the carring cable of the trawl sounder simultaneously with droppinig and hauling warps of the trawl.
  • Dropping, towing and haulting of autonomous underwater towing systems.
  • Possibility of using of singlestrand carring cable with external diameter from 6.3 till 11.4 mm.
  • High speed of dropping and haulting of the cable.
  • Increased tractive effort during towing and haulting of the trawl.
  • Larger capacity of the drum for the reeling of the cable.
  • Continuous control of the length of the dropped cable with assistance of electronic display.
  • Installation of the winch on board of the vessel without foundation. 

Technical specification: (in comparision with cable winch IGEK-SUPER)

Parameter SWL-4 IGEK-SUPER
Diameter of the cable KG-1 and capacity of the drum:    
6,3 mm 8000 m 5000 m
8,8 mm 4500 m  
9,4 mm 4000 m 2500 m
11,4 mm 2600 m  
Maximum speed of the haulting of the trawl 300 m/min 180 m/min
Maximum speed of the dropping of the trawl 580 m/min 240 m/min
Maximum tractive effor 2100 kgf 1440 kgf
Indicator of length of the dropped cable:    
Accuracy 0,2% from indicated value 5% from indicated value
Notification Sound and light Sound and light
Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases
Maximum cosumed power:    
During short duration time 40 kW 35 kW
Without limitation of the time 20 kW 20 kW
During the most modes of trawling 6 - 15 kW 6 - 15 kW
Winch 2570х1150х1020 mm 1810х1072х1440 mm
Controller 1615х770х355 mm 1615х770х355 mm
Rheostat 666х516х1129 mm 885х675х500 mm
Winch 1550 kg 1500 kg
Controller 230 kg 230 kg
Rheostat 2 pcs х 60 kg 3 pcs х 100 kg

It is possible to use cable routes if SWL-4 will be installed instead of "IGEK-SUPER", laying of additional cable is not necessary.

Scope of delivery


  • Winch
  • Controller
  • Control unit
  • Rheostat
  • Spare parts with changeble gear



  • Transformer 380/220 V, 25 kW
  • Wheel unit
  • Indicator of length of wires

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