Trawl catch sensors Simbia SIS-70

SIS-70S Catch sensor (further referred as SIS-70S finds its use on fishing vessels where the net type trawling gear is intensively used.

  • SIS-70S is designed to determine the level of trawl filling with catch SIS-70S is the analog of existing: FA701, PI30/70 (Simrad); CS20, CS80 (Wesmar), CS-400 (Furuno); NFS-4-00 (Marport) counterparts.
  • SIS-70S operates in conjunction with trawling units manufactured by «Simbia Engineering», in its functionality it is also compatible to operate with trawling units manufactured by Simrad, Wesmar, Furuno.
  • SIS-70S can be used in any corner of the World Ocean and survives harsh conditions.

SIS-70S is capable of operating with trawling units manufactured by Simbia Engineering , SI-110-F SIS-70S is also recognized and can operate with FS 903, FS 20/25, FS 70 (Simrad), trawling units TCS 335/345, TCS 770 (Wesmar).

Technical specifications

Parameters, function SIS-70
Working frequency from 69 to 78 kHz
Maximum depth of immersion 1000 m
Beam transmit distance Up to 500 мeters
Hydro acoustic beam traveling l characteristic 70 degrees
Power applying scheme By diving into salty water medium
Power supply part Ni Mh 10 cells in series, producing 12 V, 900 mА/h
Battery Lifetime between each recharge from 15 to 20 days
Charger types SI-V-01T – from Simbia or Sensor chargers Simrad (60 mА)
Battery charging scheme from 12 to 15 hours charged by SI-V-01T or from 20 to 24 hours if charged 60 mА
Mass 2,8 кg
Dimensions 220 х 140 х 80 mm

A scope of delivery

  • Catch sensor SIS-70s
  • Charger unit SI-V-01T
  • Rubber cord 2m
  • Spare parts, accessories and tools
  • Passport

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