MF/HF radio station Samyung SRG-250

SRG-250 (Samyung, Korea) is a MF/HF radio station consisted of main radio transmitting/receiving module, managing control unit with printer and a keyboard. Module construction supplies with easy management and repair.

Build-in charger. Possibility of connecting the second fully-function managing controller. Big screen of LCD monitor , easy and comfortable menu. Main functions, signal alarm transmitting is made by pressing one button.

Has a type approval from RMRS.


Тechnical specifications

Parameters, function Values
Frequency stability within 10 Hz (0.3 ppm), synthesizer
Choosing of frequency All channels of Marine moving service. Call of 2000 user channels from a key board (possibility of editing), direct frequency installation. Channel installation of 2182 kHz (Н3Е) by operation in one action. Constant scanning of frequencies 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5, kHz (F1B/J2B).
Time of switching over to frequencies between channels - not more than 5 sec.
between bands - not more than 15 sec. (including time of matching with antenna )
Class of emission USB (J3E), H3E, FSK (F1B)
Communication system Duplex, semi-duplex
Climate conditions Temperature form -15 to +55°С
Humidity 95% (+40°С)
Vibration 5-12.5 Hz (with amplitude 3.2 mm)
Vibration 25-50 Hz (with amplitude 0.2 mm)
Sources of power supply DC 24V, -10%~+30%, max. 40ААС 100-120/200-240V, frequency 50/60 Hz ±6%, 1-phase max. consumed current 3.3 kilovolt-ampere (when using power supply unit)
Dimensions 525 x 735 x 420 mm
Weight 150 kg
MF/HF transmitter:  
Frequency range 1.6 kHz - 27.5 MHz
Time of work works more than 8 hours with signals transmitting longitude 1 min. and break in 4 min.
Output capacity 250W max (when loading 50 Оm)
Changing of capacity 100/250 W
Weakening of radio transmitting carrier more than 40 dB (in J3E)
Weakening of out-of-band emissions in J3E more than 7.5 kHz more than 43 dB
in F1V/J2V 500 kHz more than 43 dB
Bandwidth 350 - 2.700 Hz, deviation not more than 6 dB
Audio +10 dB/-35 dB, impedance 600 Оm
Frequency range 1.6 MHz - 29,9999 MHz with step 10 Hz
Receiver type conversion double superhet which uses digital frequency synthesizer of type of phase lock. The first intermediate frequency - 49,455 MHz. The second intermediate frequency - 455 kHz
Output capacity of audio max. more than 2 W
Sensitivity of receiving on a frequency 1.6 MHz- 29,9999 MHz SSB less than 3 micro volt(S+N+D)/(N+D)=20dB, band: 3 kHz, output capacity audio 100 megawatt
Frequency adjustment ± 120 Гц
DSC when 10 micro volt error rate on a token not more than 1 x 10-2
Mode of receiving FSK
Features of 3 kHz filter (for SSB) band frequency width in limits ± 2,1 kHz weakening 66 dB
Selectivity with near by channel more 70 dB
Selectivity with subsidiary channel more 80 dB
Intermodulation output signal more 70 dB
Whatching receiver:  
Frequency 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5, kHz
Scanning motion Scanning method is possible on all above mentioned frequencies. All chosen frequencies must be scanned during 2 sec. Scanning must be ended only during dot definition which are transmitting with speed 100 baud.
Sensitivity of motion during 10 micro volt error rate on a token not more than 1 x 10-2
Stability in limits ± 10 Hz
DSC: Digital Selective Call
Protocol ITU-R M.493-10, M.541-8
Class of emission F1V/J2V 100 baud
Unit of modulation output frequency 1700 Hz ± 85 Hz
level of output max. + 10 dB (600 Оm symmetric / asymmetric)
Unit of demodulation input frequency 1700 Hz ± 85 Hz
level of input from -20 to +5 dB (600 Оm symmetric / asymmetric)
NBL: Narrow Band Letterprinting
Protocol recommendations ITU-R M.625-3, M.476-5
Working mode ARQ (automatic request)
CFEC (circular call)
SFEC (individual circular call)

A scope of delivery


  • MF/HF transmitter;
  • Stimulation unit;
  • MF/HF receiver;
  • MF/HF watching receiver DSC;
  • DSC module/Telex;
  • Charger/ power supply unit;
  • Printer/ keyboard;
  • Managing controller;
  • Antenna linkage;
  • Alarm button;
  • NMEA buffer;
  • Handset;
  • Spare parts;
  • Transceiving antenna;
  • MF/HF receiving antenna DSC;
  • User manual;
  • Register certificate.


  • Additional controller (control panel);
  • Standby charger;
  • Console (hull for integration) SRG 250 and ТТ3020С;
  • Console (hull for integration) SRG 250 and SRG-580;
  • Power distribution unit.

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