Sonic Kaijo Denki KCS 5500 Sonar

Long detection range relative to frequency, and minimal side lobes.More compact hull unit and TX/RX combined in the same unit.For all types of fisheries.Detection range for herring approx. 1800 meters. (43KHz version).Very robust hull unit, with reliable guide rings to ensure less exposure to vibration.An affordable and compact alternative.It comes delivered with the new control panel, with better ergonomics and more functions. It also has an updated design and the possibility to connect an ordinary mouse for increased ease of operation.New processor unit which delivers better filtering, faster refresh rate and higher screen detail.

The KCS-5500 sonar can be delivered with either 43KHz or 50KHz transducer.  Please contact us if you wish to receive more information about this product. 

Please see more details in brochure.

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